Stampotique Designer Challenge


Woo hoo! I think this is my first ever challenge completed for an online challenge where I carry through from start (finding the challenge) to finish (posting it, or in this case, a link to it, on the challenge blog) so I am feeling almost virtuous. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve seen challenges and used them (but for more of a “journal jar” sort of thing, like “oh No Where’s my MoJo?” solution) and even done the challenges as specified but never took the final step and shared it. So this feels fairly momentous for me LOL!

The challenge over on the Stampotique Designers Challenge blog is to use a template.  I’ve always wanted to make one of these pyramid boxes so it seemed a good way to kill two birds, as it were.  The Stampington template was a good one. and resized up nicely and printing the existing template as A3 makes the pyramid part pretty perfectly 12 x 12 then you can use scraps for the square part.

I made a few small changes – I left off the skewer thru the top and made the hole in the holder a bit smaller (you’ll see why later!)  and because without the skewer the holder tends to pop off, I added a smaller square with a smaller hole cut from fun foam, which you can just about see in this shot:

And the slightly grip-y nature of the foam holds it in place fairly well. You can see the “set up” of the piece on the holder with the … punch line, I guess, inside.

The four sides of the box each have a Stampotique image – Rocky and  Three in a Round here, each image over a Distress Inked then stamped with water and dried triangle.

And Twinkie (with a little surgery on his arm to reposition it)  and Smile are two more “unsuitable suitors”

Now when you open the box….

Girl with Heart Purse and Uncle Buck make such a cute couple! I thought skewering their heads might be a bit too gruesome, which is why I omitted it LOL!

The happy couple is stamped, coloured with Copics then backed with black card and cut out.  I used on of my favourite chisel tip black permanent pens to colour a toothpick for each figure then with a bit of glossy accents I stuck them to the back(you can also see the blob of glossy accents holding the rose between Uncle Buck’s teeth and replacing the daisy in Girl’s hand

I had to trim off a bit of their shoes before I buried their feet in the middle of the roses to make them short enough to fit inside the box when it was closed.

Damn this was fun!  I have to say these are def. my fave stamps – I feel a bit of a shopping trip coming on cause I know I need MORE.

17 thoughts on “Stampotique Designer Challenge

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  2. This is so adorable and funny. Love your selections of stamps.

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  5. that is just stunningly brilliant!!!

  6. Wow, this is absolutely amazing!!! I love how it turns out once you open it as well-very cool! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer’s Challenge & Congrats on being one of the top 3 picks of the week!

  7. This is awesome! Love it!

  8. An absolutely brilliant piece of art!
    So inventive, original and funny and beautifully made!!
    I love it!
    I don’t have any of these stamps but love looking at this challenge blog 🙂

  9. I think the word I’m looking for is WOW! I love it! I may actually *need* those stamps now! *lol*

  10. Nicely done! I’ve got to hand it to you, you certainly are making very good use of these stamps in ways I never imagined : )

  11. OMG, MaryAnne, how great is this!!!!! Those fellas remind me of my past!!! LOL! And of course, the inside reminds me of how much better it is now!!! ROFL!!! The template is wonderful and the idea is simply brilliant! Thanks so much for playing along with the Stampotique challenge this week and making us smile! Val 🙂

  12. This is si cool. I am another one who has been guilty of completing a challenge and not getting around to sharing it. Glad you shared this though 🙂

  13. Oh MaryAnne, its wicked, I keep meaning to play along on there, will make a note to remind myself, those stamps are addictive aren’t they… love em 🙂

  14. Somuch fun and I love what you have done with them…they look so in love!!!!

  15. oh great job mary~anne…these designs are so fun to play with aren’t they???

  16. Wow this is just fantastic!!!!! I love it!!!! I have just got to get myself more of these stamps too Polly xx

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