Another layout – Yay!

I managed another layout today.  I have been looking back thru alllllll the photos we took while visiting my sister and a few jumped out at me as needing to be documented.  My DD loves her cousins and was so very excited to go see them.  One cousin (both girls) is very close to DD in age – the other is very close to DS, both just slightly younger than my two.  But the slight difference in age seems unlikely when you see DD and her DC together.  Bizarrely looking at the photo, I could not get the theme tune from the Patty Duke Show (60s sitcom about two cousins, one from the USA, one from England, both played by, you guessed it, Patty Duke) out of my head. queue music – Cousins…identical cousins …..

I had to use that as the title, even though it is clearly not true.  Still, it will make me smile at some later date, I’m sure.

A couple of thing – lots of the stuff came from a couple of different Scrapagogo kits.  I do so enjoy my box o’ goodies every month.  I loved the ribbon but going back to my ribbon box I found just the right pinky, peachy colour to tie the yellow in a bit better.  The pale bluey green I got recently at the fabric store (you guessed it, shopping for iPad cover material) and I got three or four bundles, about 5 metres in each, for pence, really.

The butterflies are from that stash I got on our visit, so seemed very appropriate to use!

Lastly, regular readers will know I love my chisel tip black marker.  Well, I realized that my Copics also have a chisel tip on one end.  It’s really hard to see in the layout image here, but I edged the photo with a peachy Copic (you cn see it much better on the shot from the back) that ds just a very slight tone to the edges of the photo, mostly where the background is very light, like the sky.  I will def. play around with that a bit more – surely an excuse for MORE Copics, I think!

Oops. I see I’ve lost the dot over my i – best sort that out! And I added a subscription button in the sidebar, just in case anyone cares to subscribe and get email notification of a new post. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep this up regularly but so far it seems to be going well so I though I might as well.