Back to something scrappy!

I saw a great video a while back, by Laura from Following the Paper Trail, and was dying to give it a go.  I urge you to watch her video as it is very detailed and the project, a “tiled” mini-album cover, is just lovely.

While on holiday I grabbed some foam with an idea towards trying out Laura’s technique.  Of course, I had to play around with it, and I think it’s a keeper! My baby sis and I did find the actual stamp Laura used but she has it.  So I had to find something else to play with.  From what I recall of the video Laura does say that rubber is best, and clear stamps could get ruined due to the heat of the embossing gun.

What you need is Fab Foam , I used Distress Ink (although I believe Laura used clear embossing ink), a heat tool, a not hugely detailed stamp (and I used a freebie, from either Scrapbook Inspirations, back when it did cover gifts, or maybe Papercraft Inspirations, I can’t recall) that was plastic, I think, neither rubber nor clear acrylic, and in the end I added some silver acrylic paint to it.  My foam was actually sticky-backed, so no further adhesive would be required.

Basically you heat the foam (and again, Laura’s video has some tips for knowing when it is hot enough but not so hot you need to call the fire brigade! I think I did about 10 seconds, but I suspect it depends hugely on the heat tool.  I used another cork tile (I have so many uses for them!) to protect my work surface (oh Heck! I was WOYWW yesterday, wasn’t it?  DOH!)

I inked up the stamp with the Distress Ink (this is Fired Brick) and after the foam was heated, pressed the stamp into it.

What I ended up with is a de-bossed image, with the debossing coloured by the ink – a bit like a Letter Press effect, but squidgy LOL!

I cut out the image and then tried to do the skimming over the high points with acrylic paint, in silver – I didn’t have a metallic Paint Dauber so it is not so perfect as the video samples.  As you can see I make use of old CD inserts from my CD-case-boxes craze as paint pallets. Waste not want not LOL!)

Sorry that one is a bit blurry.

Overall, even without the paint, it’s a bit fun.  Plain white foam would really show the Distress Ink colours up nicely, I think. And with the right image I think it could make a lovely embellishment or card topper.  I know I am def. going to play around with this a lot more (maybe even today) and try out a few more ideas I have.

At least it’s a break from the sewing!