Comic life


I quite like playing around with my photos sometimes. I’ve not gotten in to ACTIONS at all, mostly because the full Photoshop version I use is old, as I’ve mentioned quite a few times. Many of the actions don’t work. My FIL keeps telling me actions are easy to create and record, but I just never seem to find the time to actually give it a go.

But I do have Comic Life and sometimes use it to do funky things to photos.They do have a Windows version as well as an iPhone app, and if nothing else it’s quite a lot of fun to play with.  My kids love it. I got notice there is an update a while back and it reminded me it was time to revisit it. And to go back and look at some of the older stuff I had saved.

Here is a “comic” DS made a while back (2005! OMG how time flies) with photos from a trip to Tintagel

And here is one with what I often call my favourite photo of the kids, with the whole sequence, and not just the final shot

And finally, here is the photo from my most recent layout altered with a couple of different effects, like Ugly In Pink, Syn City, and POP art

You can see from this that I edited out that light switch plate from the photo I used on the layout – caught! LOL!

Not for use with every photo but still fun for an occasional layout or mini-book. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Comic life

  1. I’ve seen people use this for step by step instructions on their blogs. It does look fun and I totally love what you’ve done with it too 😀 Thanks for this post MA.

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