Layout, DONE!

Yay! I finished the layout. I had to take a bit of time out for a couple of projects (one of which will be on the UKS Home Page on Monday in the mini-book slot – I am having to fill in some gaps as I haven’t gotten as many as I needed to cover the whole year and I don’t want to have to truncate the event too much so making the odd page myself isn’t a big deal, so long as I don’t leave it to the last minute LOL!) and have been pushing stuff around since yesterday, but I just found the time to stick it all down. I think it looks better IRL, as the greens don’t really show true in the photo. The frame was one I covered for another project I-can’t-tell-you-how-long-ago and never used, so happy to find a place for it. I haven’t looked at my box of Poetry Tags for a year or more, but the WANT one fit the bill nicely.

I quite like overloaded layouts occasionally, and look at it as a good way to use up the mountain of stash I seem to have accumulated.

I have a little visual joke on there too – the row of pearls, to mimic the decreasing battery on the seemingly always in use Pad. I may yet shift one or two things around, if I can pry them loose.

I am still a big fan of the pointing fingers.  This one is from Mesa Pointe Shaded (not a free one, but well worth the price! From, the family of three fonts is £17) and is just printed and cut out.