WOYWW 11/5/2010 (or is that 5/11/2010?)


Trying to deal with BOTH date formats always confuses me – I seem to have no problem writing a check and dating the check in the UK format, but then I enter it in the stub in the US format. Why? I’ve heard it said that when you start dreaming in a second language it means you are fully there with it, but I’m not sure how that translates to this.

But on to my WOYWW – I got some metallic acrylic paints recently, (cheap – maybe £1 a tube) and was trying to stamp with them. It wasn’t working out quite as I imagined it might, although I suspect watering down the quite sticky paint would give the original effect, as there sometimes is with “art”, there was a happy accident. I have been stamping with the paint then letting it dry and stamping over it, but off centre a bit, and embossing. I really like the effect. So here is the mess on my desk:

and a closer look at a couple of the tags:

The quote on the one tag pretty much sums it all up:

CREATIVITY is allowing yourself to make mistakes. ART is knowing which ones to keep.

28 thoughts on “WOYWW 11/5/2010 (or is that 5/11/2010?)

  1. Great tags! Those pads are obviously well used and used well indeed! Patsy from HeARTworks

  2. Hi there! Great desk Love, love, love your tags. Gorgeous colours. Have a good week. S x

  3. Those tags look fab … sorry I am late this week with my visit … the date thing gets me every time … dealing with Zutter etc., … it always throws me when I see the 30th month :0)

  4. Beautiful tags…thanks for the snoop 🙂

  5. Day, month, year… easy peasy… why would it be any other way? LOL Love the desk today and the tags are beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful tags Mary-Anne, wish I could get mine to look so good!

  7. these tags are lovely.

  8. Super-duper tags, I love those colours you have used. Great WOYWW, thanks for sharing all of your lovely things, hugs Heidi xx

  9. lovely tags MaryAnne, I have that creativity quote stamp & its one of my faves to use 🙂

  10. Loving the tags – the colours are fab!


  11. Wow I love your tags they are gorgeous x
    Helen x
    PS I have blog candy if you would like to have a go!

  12. LOVE love those tags, just wonderful!

  13. I love your tags ! Thanks for sharing

  14. Lovely tags love the bird one. Hugs Pam x

  15. Your tags are gorgeous, love the colours and the stamps you have used. Have a great Wednesday, Tracy Evans x

  16. I just CAN’T do the American way of writing dates- they make my brain hurt! Perhaps I am just set in my ways …

    The tags are absolutely beautiful, and isn’t that serendipitous process exactly what crafting is all about?

  17. Love the tags Mary Anne and the quote! LOL.TFS. ~Glen~

  18. Oh your tags are looking just wonderful

  19. Bev’s idea is a good one for you 🙂 Love the effect yo’ve achieved with the tags.
    Anne x

  20. Love your tags.
    A x

  21. Fab effects, I love that birdie one!

  22. wowser – love your fabby tags… never tried stamping with acrylic paints… you got a bargain at £1 each – although suppose it depends what size they are…

    Paula x x x

  23. Fabby tags, love the colour syou have used x

  24. Great tags and I love the colours of them.

  25. The date format thing is quite extraordinary, even reading the US format catches me out – I always have to think about it – almost to double check the month count! I think it’s because it’s numbers for me…not a strong subject for me, in any order!

    Love the tags, love the happy discovery but most of all am happy that your paint palettes are from ‘to hand’ items just like mine!

  26. Hi ya
    oh very creative desk, your tags look gorgeous, have good day, sue,x

  27. Hiya

    oooh your tags are gorgeous! beautiful colours


  28. I almost always write dates out with words, 11 May 2010, I just get too confused if I try and use numbers, and that’s after 19 years in the UK.

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