WOYWW 11/5/2010 (or is that 5/11/2010?)

Trying to deal with BOTH date formats always confuses me – I seem to have no problem writing a check and dating the check in the UK format, but then I enter it in the stub in the US format. Why? I’ve heard it said that when you start dreaming in a second language it means you are fully there with it, but I’m not sure how that translates to this.

But on to my WOYWW – I got some metallic acrylic paints recently, (cheap – maybe £1 a tube) and was trying to stamp with them. It wasn’t working out quite as I imagined it might, although I suspect watering down the quite sticky paint would give the original effect, as there sometimes is with “art”, there was a happy accident. I have been stamping with the paint then letting it dry and stamping over it, but off centre a bit, and embossing. I really like the effect. So here is the mess on my desk:

and a closer look at a couple of the tags:

The quote on the one tag pretty much sums it all up:

CREATIVITY is allowing yourself to make mistakes. ART is knowing which ones to keep.