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Monday morning dilemma

I can never quite make up my mind if Monday morning comes around too soon or not soon enough! While the prospect of a lazy weekend of crafting is appealing, the reality of everyone underfoot is less so, and when they have all left for the day a blissful silence and a day full of possibilities envelopes the house….until the piles of laundry and carpets full of thread snippings, cookie crumbs, foam square backs, grass and dirt infiltrate your consciousness, anyway. And with the shooting party/BBQ attendees all safely away, there is perhaps more cleaning than usual to do.

I am still trying to get back to last weeks project, although little progress has been made.

Another dilemma or two – I’ve punched and covered the small coin envelopes

but I can’t decide if I like the surround on show (as it is less of a KRAFT sort of colour and more of an….orange almost) or if instead of inking the additions I should be inking the envelopes!

On the one hand I like the definition the un-inked envelope gives – it does frame the papers nicely.  One the other hand is the colour too different?  I just cannot tell!

Next dilemma – I have the series of question cards.  I cannot decide if I want then to be bound into the book as other pages, with the pockets having a photo on the front and inside the pocket housing maybe additional info written by the person in the photo OR if I should trim the question cards into tags to go INSIDE the pockets.

There isn’t a lot of room on the cards for much info, but on the other hand how easy will it be to get the people (grandparents and parents is what I am thinking at this point) to write something more for the pockets? Having them bound means less chance of them falling out and getting lost, for sure.

I felt the upper right of the cover needed something, I just wasn’t sure what.  I think this little flapped string tag is just the thing.  I’m sure it cane from a GOGO kit but no idea which one or who it’s by.

I think I’ll have to throw in a load of laundry and think about it some more …..