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A flying visit…

So much going on at home over the next couple of days that this is just a super-fast pop-in to blog a nice find.

Remember last week I blogged about spraying Cosmic Shimmer mist thru an old piece of plastic canvas I had laying around and how cool I thought it looked as a background effect? Well, yesterday, despite feeling a bit rubbish, I had to pop out to the town centre for a few bits and bobs and I stopped in at the pound store to get another teflon cooking sheet (since I always need one at the ironing board when it is in my office covering in ink, it seemed wise to get a second one) and right next to it on the rack was this:

Same brand as the teflon sheet, although I have already tossed out the little tag that was stapled to it so I can’t tell you what it is officially called – I think something like Cooking Mesh or Baking Mesh. Like the plastic canvas it is totally washable.

Anyway, it gives a much bigger grid pattern and I like having the option of two sizes.

Back to boring cleaning…..