Lucky, lucky ME!

A few weeks ago, I sent a package (a couple of VERY old copies of Rubberstampmadness and a few Mona Lisa images from Ma Vinci that I thought Dan might enjoy, given his recent infatuation with his classical David stamp) to Dan99 via Linda_E . I had planned to send it to Dan99 but as he was away from home crafting with Linda for a few days, it seemed a good idea to send it to her so they could both have fun giggling over the old mags and getting inky with Mona.

WELL. Imagine my surprise today upon opening a mystery package to find the lovely Alice plaque from Linda’s blog that I linked to on the UKS Home page this week. I have been feeling a bit under the weather today and not had the energy to do much of anything after the essential errands got done, so it was a wonderful pick-me-up.

Sorry to say it’s taken me all day to get it photographed in situ and it’s now all a bit dark in the corner of the room. My Queen is not the Red Queen, but I like looking up from my monitor and seeing both her and my lovely new addition. Note to self: dust computer!!

Thank you to Linda! I shall treasure it.