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iPad stand and cover combo – yes, AGAIN.

Well, now I’ve used it with a few things undone, and seen DH use his version, changed a few things here and there, I think the basic design is set. Other than a few issues with the sewing (the fact I had limited fabric, when something went wrong I had to adjust so the finish in some areas isn’t as nice as I would like) I’m pretty happy with it. I love the fabric.

The button closure is not attached – in order for it to be “right” it would have needed to be attached at an earlier stage. But I have been happy using it with the flap flopped over and NOT attached so I’m not going to stress over THAT but will consider other options.

The reason is that the flap is more of a pocket now.

Inside the pocket is a fabric covered bit of matboard with velcro edges that creates the stand. This is one area that I had to alter and am def. thinking of some alternatives – I have a few ideas that will streamline it a bit.

The stand bit slips out and is attached to the felt – it’s very adjustable so far as the angle of the screen

The cover bits can all be fairly well consolidated so the overall footprint is small – DH says this is important for use on the train LOL! So the footprint is not much bigger than laying the iPad flat on the table

Another change is I have more or less given up on the idea that the stand needs to work both ways, portrait and landscape. I still have a few ideas but to be honest the stability in a fabric case is always going to be an issue and you only have to look at how Apple’s official pad handles (or doesn’t handle) the dilemma to see that it’s not an easy problem to solve. I’ve seen so many “solutions”, none that really offer much flexibility for the portrait orientation.

The cheapest solution HAS to be the $.69 Office Depot business card holder:

and the most elegant the Twelve South book arc:

It says it has four positions, but not four positions in each orientation, so it could be that portrait, this is it.

Back to scrapping now!