WOYWW on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse for DH to have me make Mexican food (despite it being a SPANISH holiday and not a Mexican one) so I have some cheap pork shoulder on a bed of onions with a jar of salsa dumped over it simmering in the crockpot – if I were more organized it would be enchiladas but it’s more likely to be tacos/ fajita-like roll-ups as that can all be assembled by each diner at the table.

If I may digress for a moment – thinking about Cinco De Mayo and the unlikely defeat of the French by the Spanish, it made me recall a stray comment on QI – check out both Let Me Google that for You (for the helpful passive aggressive in us all)  and the joke embedded in the Google search results.

Anywho, on to my workdesk.  Yes, under the mess (you can just see the Prima flower pack and the punch)  is the project I mentioned yesterday,  still in progress. BUT a more pressing matter needed resolving. After having side one done for MONTHS, side two of a little mini-book project that needs to be shipped off in the next few days HAD to be completed.  It needs mailing to the person who will bind it, assemble it, and deliver it.  I am happy to say I finished it this morning, so can go BACK to the other project and work more on that!

You can also see a lovely bag of flower petals and butterflies – I took DD out for a new pair of shoes to fit over her new foot brace this past weekend and saw a butterfly JUST LIKE the biggest ones from the colourful set (what you can see is the pink and gold ones in the bag) on a thin wire in some home decor shop for £7.50 (!!)  I paid less than $5 for a pack of at least 8, possibly 10 of them, in varying sizes but including at least 3 of the biggest size ones.


Here is the mni-book page.

No binding holes as there will be many different pages to be added and the binding needs to work for all of them.

A big space on the page for a photo and the little stamped on vellum butterflies and below the backs of the tags with journaling spots.

The flowers are sandwiched between the front and back pages and the chipboard.  It’s all quite OTT and side two is even more so, but it’s always a bit fun to go OTT every now and again!

Last week was the first week in all the weeks of doing WOYWW that I actually added it to the Mr Linky thing – I was stunned to get so many comments and must now return the favour this week.  I think I may have missed an integral part of the whole WOYWW thing by not commenting.  Shame on me.  But given my past problems with commenting (which I am suspecting has more to do with my BROWSER than the fact I am WordPress and most people are Blogger, like I once thought) I hope I can manage it. So I am heading off there now to post and hop.