There has been something of a rediscovery of that heritage paper bag book I did for SI a while back – the one with the Martha Stewart fan chart insert?

I have had comments and YouTube mail asking where the PDF is as the link no longer works – with the monthly magazine ceasing publication, even with the bookazine issues hitting the shops, I guess they have culled some of the old content.

I’ve taken a moment to redo some bits that it seems people were finding tricky to understand so I hope overall this is clearer. The PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (the download will start automatically – and it’s about 3 mb) and I’ll add it to the sidebar as well.

As ever, any questions, email me or comment here or on YouTube


Still on holiday…

…and having fun with my new toy. We had a blast playing Scrabble with the board on one iPad and an assortment of iPads and iPhones acting as tile racks – very cool, but we all questioned the fact my niece tried to play PUBLICITY and it claimed there was no such word.  NOT fair!
Well, to be honest, equal parts FUN and frustration. It can’t do everything, and doesn’t really like fingernails, and I have to compete with DD to get a look in, but overall, every time I do get more than 15 minutes on it, I learn something new.

Doing a fair bit of scrap shopping, although not as much as I could – my biggest purchase was the MS score board with a 50% off Michaels coupon for a purchase price of under $12.  Bargain!

Cricut carts are on sale this week but between having the CR and SCAL I’m not sure even a $40 price tag can tempt me.  I wanted to at least SEE the YuDu, but not finding that anywhere.

We did hit a day at AC Moore that had a load of Prima Say it with Pearls on sale then an additional 50% off the sale price (so about $1.20) and a few odd items, and hit a Staples for envelopes of a certain style, but not going mad with the stash building for sure.

A few things left to do, and already missing my sister and we haven’t even left yet.

Not sure I have ever gotten over the initial jet lag so adjusting back to UK time should be a breeze.  And missing my scrap room.

Thanks to anyone who is popping in – I should be back to daily posting next week.


Last one for a bit

You can check back if you like but I’ll be on holiday for a couple of weeks and not sure how much I can update.

But here is a little Paper bag mini I made a while ago – it’s another unusual construction. I basically sliced the paper bag down the middle ind used the surfaces then used my BIA to bind in a number of photos. It all looks a bit chaotic in the photos but I hope ou can get a sense of what it is all about!

See you soon!


Concertina video

I managed it, but frankly I think I rushed it a bit and it is perhaps a little to “text heavy” – I wanted to get it up as a few people asked about a tutorial. When, like Mr Humphries, “I’m FREE-EEEE!” again I will try to do a PDF that will be a little more detailed, but for now I hope anyone who wants to give this a go will. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

Feel free to comment or email me and if I can clarify anything I am happy to!

Have a Happy Easter all!

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Second concertina DONE!

Oh I do love these.

I made another one so I could photograph it for a YouTube doodah which I will struggle to finish before our short holiday so I wanted to share at least a few shots of it.

Much more clean&simple than the last, and a few steps refined. I do like it a lot. I selected all Henry David Thoreau quotes for it, including two of my favourite ones: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined and Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify. You can find a huge selection of HDT quotes here.

Have a Happy Easter!