Gonzo Stamping


Since my little set of tags have the quotes from Hunter S. Thompson, I wanted a title that reflected that tie in.  Since the whole thing sort of sprang from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and the cover art and title art by Ralph Steadman was a big part of what I remember about the book, I wanted my cover to have that same style.  So first I had to find a font that looked like RSs hand drawn lettering (which I found here) then I wanted to blot it a bit more so I found this dingbat of ink blots as well.

Those together made this

The background is the Cosmic Shimmer-thru-plastic-canvas trick and the image is, of course, Stampotique, and could not fit the title (a total riff on the book title) more perfectly.

It’s a simple folder, made from a kraft coloured file folder, and holds the tags inside.

I enjoyed the heck out of this project from beginning to end, and it was one that was no struggle at all, from conception thru execution to final product, the ideas just flowed. How often doe THAT happen to you?  It sure doesn’t happen to ME very often LO!

11 thoughts on “Gonzo Stamping

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  4. OMG, I just adore these tags you did using all of the Stampotique characters. Of course, I am currently so in love with those images, I just can’t get enough of them. Love these tags though, they rock!

  5. Oh that doesn’t happen to me very often either but it did this week and my mojo returned!!!…I absolutely LOVE these tags…they are just fantastic!!!

  6. I LOVE your tags,I have some of these stamps,they’re great aren’t they? And the font just works SO well with them….maybe i’ll try downloasd it?

  7. Aren’t those stamps fab, I’ve just bought quite a few
    myself. love the tags.

  8. Love how you used the plastic canvas..thanks for sharing the font I went & got it ..they go really well with your tags. Cover came out great…Did you use a file folder? Have a wonderful day…Sheryl

  9. You did a super job! Looks great!

  10. it doesn’t happen to me either lol. Your tags are amazing I love it!!!!

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