WOYWW 21/4/2010

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SO happy to have a WOYWW again! I do love holidays but I miss my creative play when I am too busy, even if that is too busy having fun with family, stash shopping, or just chatting with my baby sis.

So, while getting over the jet lag, and back to normal UK sleep patterns and back to the school routine, I have filled the middle-of-the-night waking hours with quiet browsing of YouTube and looking at anything I had bookmarked to try. This video, by RoseS915, shows her technique for creating unique journaling spots. I love it, and while I have made my own journaling spots with stamps I wanted to have a play with her specific methods (I particularly love the reverse-stamp technique to make a bigger spot from a small stamp with a decorative side but don’t really have any appropriate stamps for that)  so today, that is what is on my W.

OK, to be honest, most days whatever I am working on is on a satellite TV tray table beside my W, or on the floor, under my W. USUALLY my W is such a mess I can’t actually WORK on it. Today, it’s not too bad, but I am still using the overflow space.

Here are a couple of the spots I made

The book plate one is, I think, a Hero Arts cling with a Stampology border at the top, the blue one is maybe Autumn Leaves lines (I cut off the bracket that used to frame them) with a TH flourish and the last is a circle from the same AL set, I think, with a different TH flourish.  I think I will next experiment with using the grid paper downloads from my favourite print-your-own paper site mixed with the stamps as I have no grid stamp.

One thought on “WOYWW 21/4/2010

  1. Welcome home – glad you had a good break and it wasn’t edged with flight probs. As usual, your desk (and satellite!) are very inspiring to me; I don’t see a mess at all; mostly I guess because I don’t work tidy and this seems pretty controlled! Love the link for the journalling spots, thanks for that, and the dish of flowers – seems like a nice way to keep them in view to me.
    Wish you a speedy jet lag recovery!

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