Last week’s WOYWW done!


Another thing I worked on at the crop on Sunday was finishing up the concertina book I had on my W last W.

I cannot seem to get away from the Que Sera Sera papers by K&CO – I just love the collage look of them, the tones, the patterns, everything about them.  I don’t know what I will do when my stack is gone!

I sort of designed the book to be displayed open. and it invites handling (which I think it will hold up to) as the tall thin photos are not easily seen without angling your head a bit, this way and that.

The frame on the cover is stuck only in the corners with foam pads, so the ribbon can slip thru easily, and when open on a shelf, the extra ribbon can just hid behind the open book.

Glad I always rather intended this one for ME as I’m not sure I could stand to give it away!

There is a slideshow-style “video” in the post here and another version that I made then photographed for a Tutorial PDF:


And a final variation here:



9 thoughts on “Last week’s WOYWW done!

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  3. mary~anne you have surpassed yourself on this album…its sooooo beautiful and i adore those long thin photos…not to mention the papers…lol

    as for the card…that is one lucky person who gets that in the mail!!


  4. WOW, Absolutely beautiful. What a great idea.
    Will you be doing any instructions ;0).

    Well done.

  5. Wow …this is anamazing piece of work

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful Mary Anne. Quote “I don’t know what I will do when my stack is gone!” *Buy another* 😉 LOL. Will we be seeing a ‘how to’ video on YouTube?
    Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I appreciate it. TFS. ~Glen~

  7. This is outstanding MA … I just love projects that you can pick up and ooh and arr over … totally wonderful work!

  8. A beautiful project MA, really wonderful! I love the idea of the tall thin photos and how anyone looking at this would really want to pick it up and explore.

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