I have had a set of “gratitude” quotes saved for ages, meaning to make myself a little GRATITUDE book. I came across the concertina card idea at some point, maybe in the Craft Robo forum on UKS and it occurred to me a variation on this might make a good base for the book.

Today I constructed the basic book, using pieced cardstock (one set of folds is 24 inches, the other 18, so 12×12 paper just wouldn’t work) and some lovely hand-dyed mulberry paper my MIL passed on to me. It is dyed in variegated bands of colour and as it will mostly not be seen it works well with the papers I will use.

The next step is the laborious changing of a multitude of photos to B&W then resizing them to fit the 1.25 x 4.5 inch “pages” of the book then figuring out the pocket bit that will hold the tags that have the quotes on them – that may change, as I work my way thru it, I don’t know yet. I am using a blank canvas of the right size to create the photo slices then shifting them to a print size canvas so I can print just the bits I need and not waste by photo paper. I am so cheap!

I love my two monitor set up – I have iPhoto on the portrait side and Photoshop on the landscape side and it gives me enough screen real-estate to really work with the images and be able to see what I am doing.

So not only WO my Worktop W but also WO my DESKTOP W as well!