Keep Calm

The things I do…..

I was determined that I wanted a doll with the WWII KEEP CALM poster as the body but it needed to say KEEP CALM AND COUNT TO TEN and fit in the body of the doll. Humm. So this is what I went thru to make that happen.

First I went looking for the info on the poster. All well and good, there is a lot of info on it out there, both historical info and parodies/versions galore. There are many many hits of people asking for the font, and the general consensus is that it was hand-drawn but there are a number of suggestions for close matches, most of which, to my eye, are way off. The one that I think looks closest is AVENIR (not free) in 85 Heavy weight (there is a heavier weight but it looks too thick and chunky)

although when I played with it,  it looked a bit thin.  One of the nice things about the Mac, and the ancient program I use is you can force a BOLD effect on a font even when you don’t have a BOLD weight installed.  That seemed to bring it closer in line with the poster.

To get THAT, I found a poster here in SVG or PNG format, which I grabbed.

OK, so then I opened the poster in Appleworks Paint and filled the CARRY ON letters with the red.  I could have done this in Photoshop, bit I wanted to slightly increase the letter weight and can only do THAT in Appleworks. So I added the text I wanted and saved it.

I opened THAT up in Photoshop  then opened the PDF of the doll bits and copied the body only using the TOOLS.  I opened a new Photoshop file, transparent, RGB, and pasted the body.  I filled the body with black then removed the surrounding white bit, resized the poster and dragged it over the black image.  I Grouped with Previous (old, old Photoshop) and that filled the body with the poster.  Because of the curved middle I had to make the poster smaller than it should have been so I just then filled the rest of the black body with the red paint.


Still with me?

I printed THAT on to white cardstock, with a matte paper setting and photo quality and that will work for me!

No comments from smug digital experts who can tell me 10 different easier ways to do this LOL!  I may take the scenic route, but I get there in the end!

The font is not perfect, and on further reflection I may have simply deleted ALL but the crown and filled it with my font choice, but frankly (as my first doll testifies) I am NOT a perfectionist (Carmen, your daughter and I should meet – I think we are a lot alike LOL!) and it’s good enough as it is.

At this point I am at four completed dolls with two more on the go, and looking at my window that may be all that can fit, especially if I interspersed the dolls with words (still thinking NOTES TO SELF) and they are turning out to be a real eclectic mix of scrapping, stamping, fabric, digi work, and more.  I can’t tell you when I have had more creative fun.  Hope I am not boring you with these little cautionary ladies – I have so many ideas for other versions on them that I am in danger of getting obsessive!

I’ll share the others when they are done.