WOYWW with a story


I just love my sister.  We don’t agree on much – she’s a Republican, I’m a Democrat, she’s a bit religious, I am SO NOT,  she is a confirmed digital scrapper and I am firmly in the paper and glue world – but it doesn’t matter at all.  We talk almost every week, thanks to a US phone number that rings here in the UK, and she is at once good and bad for my ego.  She reads my blog and tells me I am a “scrapping goddess” which is nice to hear but sometimes leaves me in danger of believing her, making my head swell to unreasonable proportions.  Combining that with a comment on one of my YouTube slide shows this week, which is possibly the nicest thing I have ever had posted as a comment, my feet had left the ground, a bit.  Now SI has stopped, I don’t even have the regular smacks downs telling me how old hat and rubbish I am to ground me LOL!

So yesterday I was starting a project that was mostly an experiment based on a few templates I found online.  Printable paper dolls and mermaids to cut and decorate here and a load of differently sized and shaped angels wings here really sparked my creativity.  Although I am totally in love with mini-books nowadays, I consider myself primarily a scrapbooker – I often say I am no stamper, but I can manage a decent effort if I concentrate.

So I was playing, not really intending to have something keep-able, just playing with techniques and my new Distress Ink bundle and made something I rather liked.  I realized I had mis-spelled GOD(D)ESS but as I didn’t intend it as anything other than a creative exercise  (it was on plain printer paper for a start) I didn’t let it bother me.

The more I thought about it the more I really didn’t want to start the whole thing over again, as I was liking how it was progressing.  This morning I finished it and decided where the whole thing was heading – I will be making more of these, and string them as a little banner at the top of my window. Each one will be something I need to remind myself.

This one is clearly a reminder that I have to take what my sister says with a grain of salt!  She loves me so her opinion of my work is coloured by that.  And I know I am no angel and definitely no crafty goddess, as nice as it is to occasionally hear.  And the reminder will, hopefully, make me strive to be better – or at the very least less careless, more attentive, and to “check my work”

7 thoughts on “WOYWW with a story

  1. I think your angel banner is going to look great, I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  2. Oh great post MA, love the fallibility thing and the gentle reminder thing…a strin go fthese angels would not go amiss in this crafty space I must say!

  3. Bye the way…forgot to mention I do love the angel! She is awesome and I can see how cool it would be to have a string of those hanging up in the window. All my windows have blinds in them, so I’ll have to figure out another place to put some once you help me make them : )

  4. Nice try, but spelling the word “goddess” incorrectly is not enough to change my opinion…you will always be the “queen of creativity” in my eyes! Don’t you know little sisters are supposed to look up to their big sisters, so it’s all good!!! Love ya’ lots, you heathen Democrat! Ha, ha!!!

  5. Oh I love her. I had this exact talk with my eldest last night. She was making a bracelet for her BFF’s birthday present and was getting herself into a right tizz because the images she was stamping onto it were not coming out crisp and clear. I told her there are no mistakes in art just happy accidents. She stropped off of course. But when she came back this morning and looked at it in the daylight she agreed she liked the haphazard effect and promptly varnished it finished.

    The trouble with her is, and I mean this in a completely loving way, she is a lazy perfectionist. She wants her stuff to be completely perfect but she doesn’t want to do it in stages and she HATES getting messy. And it REALLY frustrates her. Where as me, I love the getting messy, putting all the layers on – ok I don’t like waiting but I do love the process… I’m rambling a bit here. What I mean to say is like Annette said, definitely not a mistake with your angel but a happy accident 😉

    BTW, I agree with your sister!

  6. Oh no!!! I can’t open the web page!! Rats and rats again… Saudi Interwebs police decided that those naked figures of dollies and mermaids was not for our eyes and have blocked it… will you remind me when I get back to the UK??? LOL

  7. Now… I think the mispelling was completely deliberate to show yourself that indeed you aren’t perfect and nobody would really want you to be!! See… no mistakes in scrapping… just a different way to do it! LOL I love your wee doll, she is ‘special’!! Now you have done it and I will be off to download the dolly and angel wings forthwith!
    Oh… yep, I am a tidy scrapper… it stresses me out to be in a mess so I scrap… clear away, scrap… clear away… and I’m not daft… I snapped the shot when it was just after the ‘clear away’ stage and before I had stuff all over again!! 😉

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