WOYWW with a story

I just love my sister.  We don’t agree on much – she’s a Republican, I’m a Democrat, she’s a bit religious, I am SO NOT,  she is a confirmed digital scrapper and I am firmly in the paper and glue world – but it doesn’t matter at all.  We talk almost every week, thanks to a US phone number that rings here in the UK, and she is at once good and bad for my ego.  She reads my blog and tells me I am a “scrapping goddess” which is nice to hear but sometimes leaves me in danger of believing her, making my head swell to unreasonable proportions.  Combining that with a comment on one of my YouTube slide shows this week, which is possibly the nicest thing I have ever had posted as a comment, my feet had left the ground, a bit.  Now SI has stopped, I don’t even have the regular smacks downs telling me how old hat and rubbish I am to ground me LOL!

So yesterday I was starting a project that was mostly an experiment based on a few templates I found online.  Printable paper dolls and mermaids to cut and decorate here and a load of differently sized and shaped angels wings here really sparked my creativity.  Although I am totally in love with mini-books nowadays, I consider myself primarily a scrapbooker – I often say I am no stamper, but I can manage a decent effort if I concentrate.

So I was playing, not really intending to have something keep-able, just playing with techniques and my new Distress Ink bundle and made something I rather liked.  I realized I had mis-spelled GOD(D)ESS but as I didn’t intend it as anything other than a creative exercise  (it was on plain printer paper for a start) I didn’t let it bother me.

The more I thought about it the more I really didn’t want to start the whole thing over again, as I was liking how it was progressing.  This morning I finished it and decided where the whole thing was heading – I will be making more of these, and string them as a little banner at the top of my window. Each one will be something I need to remind myself.

This one is clearly a reminder that I have to take what my sister says with a grain of salt!  She loves me so her opinion of my work is coloured by that.  And I know I am no angel and definitely no crafty goddess, as nice as it is to occasionally hear.  And the reminder will, hopefully, make me strive to be better – or at the very least less careless, more attentive, and to “check my work”