Today, more a specific project than a site. How cool is this and how bad do you want one?

Yes, it’s a door curtain made out of old slides!


And check out the table lamp in the same post as well.

It does take me back to my university days when I seemed to know a large number of people who made their own chain mail, using a roll of wire, a drill to twist it into a coil, hours and hours with first a wire snip to separate the rings from the coil then hours and hours more with a pair of pliers, attaching them together to create a whole cloth. I’m guessing you can get strong jump rings to do the same thing if you don’t have chain mail links hanging around the house!

Happy Mother’s day! (in the UK – US moms will have to wait a bit longer. Lucky me, I can usually wrangle both)

8 thoughts on “Sunday-something-else

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  2. Wow, what a great idea!

  3. How does someone even think of that? Genius! Absolutely love it1

  4. LOve it!!!! what a cool and quirky idea it would definetley be a talking point!!!

  5. OMGoodness me! I have boxes of those things from my Dad… haven’t finished scanning them all yet but when I do…. yahooooo, I also have one of those types of half window doors to my scraproom!! How cool would that look… and when you are bored you can stand there and look at yourself when you were 8 and had bangs cut straight across by your Mum…. LOL

  6. That is very cool and looks quite pretty. Wonder if Dad would give up any of his slides for something like this!

  7. I definitely want one!, Happy Mothers Day to you.

  8. A great idea, thanks for sharing! The scans of the slides are fun to browse through too 🙂

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