cooking, not scrapping!

So I am working on a quite OTT mini-book, but it is def. taking longer than anticipated, so I thought I would deviate and blog DH’s birthday feast.

Basically it’s slow cooked chicken (I do it in the crock-pot, with a jar of salsa) shredded with fried onions an peppers, wrapped in a softened corn tortilla with sauce and cheese, lined up in a lightly oiled baking tin, smothered in enchilada sauce and cheese, baked for about 45 mins or until hot and bubbling – served with sour cream and guacamole and the hot sauce of your choice.

DH is something of a Hot Sauce fan!  The scary one is Dave’s ULTIMATE Insanity Sauce, as that is not really meant to be eaten as sauce.  It’s what you use when you make your own hot sauce to add the heat, a drop at a time with the warning “for use as an additive, not for direct consumption.” and has been reported as having a Scoville rating of 250,000

And here is a tip for you – no one in my family can stand the guacamole they sell in the supermarket – any brand, any store, it all sucks.  I make my own from avocado, lime juice, chopped cilantro (coriander leaves), finely diced red onions, the fleshy bit from nice tomatoes (no juice, no seeds, no slimy bits) and (non-traditionally) a dollop of sour cream and leave the boys to add what heat they prefer.  If you have ever made guacamole you know that it goes black quickly, so you tend to have to make it very last minute and consume all in one go.  What I do is mix it up then put it in a glass bowl, as nearly matching the volume as I can.  Squeeze a bit of extra lime juice over the top, then lay a piece of cling film directly on the surface.  Press it down, get any air bubbles out, and make sure the film is right up to the edge of the glass on the surface.  You can then store the guac in the fridge and no blackening – I made it on Saturday and last night we at the last of it and if anything it had improved with age!

We will return to crafting with WOYWW tomorrow.