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I got a small blank oval-scalloped chipboard mini in a GoGo kit at some point – once they stopped including the brochures I never really know what I have, to be honest. It could be Kaiser or Maya Road, I don’t know. I do know it’s been a while since I got it, I think, and unfortunately I didn’t realize it was flawed until I started working with it – one of the scallops is cut off. It doesn’t bother me hugely, as I don’t make much for publication, where I think it WOULD matter, so it certainly didn’t stop me from using it!

I had bought a Nonsense pad from someplace, probably QVC, and used quite a lot of the bits in a word book, but had quite a lot of chopped up patterned paper left. I didn’t want something vintage-y or bulky for this one, so the pages are dead simple, with just a few bits cut from the scraps to decorate. I am pleased to say that I didn’t cut into a single sheet of full paper, only used scraps, but I think it looks cute anyway. I may add the odd bloom or some more bling, but then again I may not. The mats take small 2×2 photos and there is room for a but of handwritten journaling right on the pages, but I wouldn’t do much, if I’m honest.

What I did like about it is the B-I-G blooms I found at Hobby Craft for about 99p, which when separated left me with a HUGE number of flowers. They fit perfectly behind the ovals. I always loved the mini I did built on flower petals but didn’t want to just make another like that. I was also pleased to see that my old CM oval cutter fit perfectly as well. Ovals, unlike circles, tend to be widely varying shapes, some more pointy, some more rounded, some fat, some thin. That the shape of the oval mini was just the same shape and proportion of the chipboard mini was a real boon. It made the whole cutting and covering easy peasy.

I used Distress ink to ink the scallops, uncovered by the patterned paper ovals, but painted them with Gesso first. Ungesso-ed the ink is quite dull on the chipboard. The last page I left gessoed in the middle as it has journaling lines embossed in the center and I thought I would just write on that page.

The flowers are sandwiched between the cover and the first page, and behind the last page, with a plain cardboard cut “page” at the back.

I HAD planned on attacking a layout or two but just couldn’t find the photos I wanted. Maybe today…..

One thought on “Quickie minibook

  1. That turned out really pretty! Can’t wait to see it when you add some pictures.

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