Crochet roses

My great-Grandma was a master of crochet. She made most of the newlywed’s crochet bed covers, using filet crochet patterns but rather than make them in squares and sew them together, she would continue the pattern all along the width so she ended up with a seamless whole. They were, in a word, stunning. Most of the first level of kids (the children of my Grandmother’s generation) have one of these, and almost sadly, they are wrapped up in tissue paper and carefully stored, never used. They were deemed too fine for actual USE. While it preserved then nicely, the wrapping and storing meant they never saw the light of day. I’m sure many of the kids and grandkids of that lucky generation will come across them and have no idea of the time nd effort that went in to them. Will they carry on being stored or sold off or disposed of as being too “old fashioned” for modern tastes?

I have some crochet hooks, not sure whose they might be, either my great-Gran’s (Nanny) or my Grandma’s, and when I take them out I marvel at the fine-ness of the hooks. Some are clearly designed for sewing thread weight, others for crochet cotton weight but tiny. How my Nanny worked with them in her 90s I do not know – I certainly can’t see the stitches to slip the hook in to and I am 40 years younger!

Anyway, I was playing around with some crochet roses. I think it is a fairly standard pattern of two sets of chain loops with petals crocheted onto the chains, but, being a scrapper, I wanted to bring a bit more to the mix. I made the roses then inked the edges with Distress ink in Fire Brick and added dots of Glossy Accents then sprinkled on Diamond Dust for a “dew drop” look. Mine are with baby yarn and just about 2″ across, although I know they would look fab in crochet cotton with a finer needle (these were on a 1.5mm hook) making them flatter and less bulky for a page. May try that when I find time to make it to a yarn store.

The next day or so will be tied up in making a Mexican feast for DHs birthday – tradition. Home made chicken with peppers and onions enchiladas with mexican rice and home made guacamole – I will def. stop short of buying masa harina and hand making the corn tortillas (although we do have a tortilla press, it is just too much work!) but I do need to get started on the slow cooked then shredded chicken. Cooking today, assembly tomorrow, then the final cooking. DD and I may even try making a cake (although DH is def. not a cake fan, it is tradition again so he can suck it up for one dessert – I mak make him an eggnog milkshake as a special treat as we have a can of Borden’s eggnog hoarded from Christmas) so lots of cooking and not much crafting over the next couple of days.

drat. Good thing birthdays come only once year and that my family ones are spread out! Between DSs walnut cream gnocchi and the mexican feast it’s enough intense cooking for me! DD always picks pizza so at least that one is easy.