WOYWW – custom 8.5×11 album

I’ll do one of my “videos” for this but it’s pretty straightforward really.

I have a LOT of stuff on my W

I have had this pending since last year’s Scrapfever event, when I had planned it as the class I was teaching, using Bisous Zoo paper but I went with the frame instead. I am only now getting around to completing the album. Shocking, I know. Using cheap portfolios (and Paperchase has Kraft card ones for a few £ but you can get decorated ones for about £1 at places like Tiger (is that a nationwide chain or just one in Basingstoke? – you would need to probably paint some of the edges if the printed pattern didn’t fit your decoration!) and standard 8.5 x 11 page protectors. I have had mine for ages.

Watch this video – Marion, at apieceofcraft, does a MUCH better job than I ever could. I don’t have any “good” paintbrushes and I suspect they make a huge difference!

My own efforts are pretty poor by comparison but I do like the technique, especially over word paper as in her example.

And the final product? I think I would have made the title background a bit longer so it extended past the elastic tie a bit more, and I may still do something to rectify that, but for the most part I like it.  The title of “Small but perfectly formed refers to the fact they are 8.5×11 pages rather than 12 x 12, not that the photos (or subjects) are small LOL!