Serendipity Squares


There was a post a week or so back on UKS asking about serendipity squares. I had a look back at the old Library post only to find that virtually all of the links were dead or had been removed. This old technique is still an interesting one. and involves tearing up little scraps of paper then sticking them, patchwork style, to a sheet of card. This creates a whole new “sheet” of paper, which can then have interesting things done to it.

I had a bit of a play, adding a few levels to the technique, like spritzing with Cosmic Shimmer mist and overstamping with a background stamp, then edging the shape with Smooch accent ink.

The execution isn’t everything I wanted it to be but overall I like the effect. It clearly requires more of a play – I may try coating the whole thing with Mod Podge after the tearing, sticking and misting phase, then overstamp with Staz-on as one of the biggest problems is the multiple thicknesses of paper and card.  It makes it hard to get a good stamped image over the various levels, although I did find that using pigment ink works MUCH better than dye-based ink.

When I went looking for new posts on this technique, to update the Library entry, I found this entry by UKS member Helen (Nerlly) – her instructions for creating the basic background are very good, and I like her more organized approach and neater arrangement better than my more haphazard method, so look at her post to see how to get the basic sheet then go mad with stuff over the top like I did.

a word on the Cosmic Shimmer mist – WOW!  It is so much richer and more deeply coloured than the TS Glimmer Mists that I have.  And at £2.99, cheaper.  There is a link on the UKS Homepage this week to a YouTube video that does a side-by-side comparison that shows very clearly the differences.  If you want subtle, TA GM is possibly the way to go, but for in-your-face colour and sparkle, I prefer Cosmic Shimmer sprays, after playing with them for a few days.

2 thoughts on “Serendipity Squares

  1. I remember these – serendipity squares. In fact, I have a ton since I was in multiple swaps with ladies on the CKmb years ago. Thanks for reminding me and sharing your ideas MA.

    I was recently looking at the Cosmic Shimmer sprays in my local craft store and yes, they are good value for the size and effect. *Off to buy the silver*. TFS. ~Glen~

  2. Love how you have cut it into heart shapes. Very pretty – haven’t played at these in a while. May have to get my scraps out for a play!

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