Bow tying

I am bow-challenged. Seriously. I cannot tie a decent bow to save my soul.  I have the Crafter’s Companion (or something like that – I bought it in a moment of weakness from QVC and hate it like death, none of the little areas hold the bits, every time I take it out and open it stuff is always falling out and it is rubbish for scoring and embossing, IMHO, except on the thick the pearl card they always seem to use to demo it)  and although it does have a couple of pegs for tying bows it is so not worth it to get it out.  I saw a brilliant little flat template called the Bow-Easy demoed someplace or another and went looking for it.

As usual I will go to great lengths to avoid having to buy something that I then wait by the window for for days so I ended up cutting one from cardboard. But I really wanted to just be able to do it easily, and these helped:

and of course Martha has a step-by step on her site here.

Now I just need to practice a LOT.