DIY flower loom


OK, so as I said yesterday I am impatient. when I get an idea I know I will forget it if I don’t put it in to practice right away. So when I saw the flower loom video I went looking for a DIY version. There were some but most involved woodworking, drilling and a lot of palaver and I am allllll about the quick result.

I cast my eyes around my scrap room and came up with something that would work, minus the pegs, and that was ALWAYS going to be something I would have to buy. This is what I did

(PLEASE NOTE: I offset the inner and outer circle of pegs, thinking it would look nicer but in reality it just makes it harder to sew the circle that secures the flower “petals” so you should line yours up along the same axis. I will probably make a second one like that. and you can make a single circle one rather than the double rows for a faster finish. That is perfect for ribbon)

FYI: My outer circle is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and the inner one is about 2 inches. I hope you can right click and save the two image files – I may make them a PDF at some point

If you click on the link from yesterday and watch the video you will see the winding and stitching process

and here are a couple of samples.

This one is with fairly thin yarn (baby weight, I think, but the band is long gone!) and just the outer ring of pegs.

This one is with heavier weight cotton yarn, both sets of pegs – it is VERY thick in the middle.  It looks pretty, would be a cute addition to a knitted bag, for example, but way too thick for a layout.  Maybe ok on a mini-book.

The ribbon ones, with very fine ribbon, are my favourites.

So that should keep you busy over the weekend!

6 thoughts on “DIY flower loom

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  2. cool flower, love the tool you made. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  3. These are gorgeous flowers and I am going to have to make one Great idea thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. love these flowers, i shall put this loom on my list of things to do…..eventually lol

  5. Wow they look brill. I love the ribbon one. You did well to knock that up!! although I think it would take me a really long time to make the frame!!

  6. oooh love these mary anne and great timing…i’ve had an urge to make some wooly flowers this week!!

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