Yarn and Ribbon Flowers using a flower loom

Hi guys!

I saw this little video a while ago for making ribbon and yarn flowers on flower looms. I remember flower looms were all the rage when I was a teen (in the late 60s and early 70s) but they don’t seem to be very easy to find nowadays.

I really wanted to try this technique and while I know you can cobble something together that looks similar by just wrapping yarn or ribbon and tying it then fluffing it, the samples in the video look a lot more polished, with the stitching and all.  One problem – no loom, and (impatient me!) I wanted to try it TODAY.  So I thought about it a bit and developed a plan and made my own.

Here is the flower:

I think it turned out fab – I want to try a nested yarn one with two colours and  will share that tomorrow – along with how I made my own version using stuff that I had (except on element which I did have to buy but cost under £1.50)

I think you could easily use something like the Nifty Knitter, which looks like this:

although the bulbs on the end of the pegs will make getting the flower off difficult.