Dan, skewered


I am very inspired by Dan99 – I think he does lovely work and seems a really nice guy to boot.  Given that, this may seem a bit odd but I was cleaning out my stamp drawers, trying to figure a good organizational method that will allow me to see what I have.  One of the things I unearthed is this great Stampa Barbara stamp of a shish kebab skewer. There is a bit of a gap in the middle so you can skewer anything you like (usually I use a stamp of a little screaming man) and  the image of Dan with the Magritte apple over his face just leapt into my mind.  So, between cleaning and watching Tim Holtz on QVC online I had a little play.

I have to warn you – I am no stamper, really, and def. NOT in the same league as those Copic marker mavens who do glorious colouring work.  This was pretty quick and dirty, using markers I had, colours I had, and not aiming for realism (clearly!) but what I lack in ability I hope I make up for in whimsy.

The photo isn’t great quality either but it is only for a laugh so I’m not stressing over it. I think it would be more effective without the apple, because as it is it gives the impression he lurks BEHIND the apple, perhaps taking a bite, whereas without the apple he would look more fully … “skewered”