Doll DONE!

I generally don’t post on a Saturday, too much family life going on, but I snapped a couple of quick, not terribly good photos of the “last Doll” and the collection of “friends” so I thought I would add them.

Watching the movie, I note they refer to her as FA Mulan (family name first, first name last) but I like to think of my version as FAT MULAN, because of her fat face (oh and DD was very insistent that she have hair “like Alexandra Burke in Broken Heels” which seems very odd, and even odder that DD names her Jemima, which calls to mind Aunt Jemima of the maple syrup rather than Jemima Goldsmith, although neither are anything LIKE the doll! but I digress…..)

Custom jammies, of course.

And here is a shot of “the girls”, all on the sofa:

Let’s see – that is Katie. Lola, a proper Disney Mulan doll who is called something else but I forget what!, Jade (who used to be Polly as her face is based on the cartoon version of Polly Pocket), Addison, Sakeena, Vanessa, Alice, Lizzie, Alicia (who’s face is an iron on of Mulan) and Mariah (who is now called Alexandra) (boldface means one I made – see how busy she keeps me!?)

And it’s Sakeena’s birthday today so I have to wrap her present and make a cake. You think I’m joking? I am so not!