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More on old technology

Although I am working on something creative at the moment (actually juggling two things, but only one is scrap-related) I had a bit of a shock this morning while laying in bed browsing the net on my laptop – YouTube tells me I need to upgrade to a “modern” browser.  Pah! Story of my life.  We have a lot of old technology (as evidenced by my last post) but much of it is old for a good reason!  We have a laptop that runs something like iTunes 4 because I can plug in my very old shuffle and recharge it without reloading my playlist.  Also, that machine has a bit of software on it that allows us to switch at will between US and UK format DVDs without hitting the “too many changes” and locking it in to one version or another.

My other (less old) laptop isn’t upgraded because I still use Appleworks, a very very old program that has a word processor and a drawing program combined that does a couple of very specific things that make creating the Homepage easier.  I have looked and looked for a replacement but NOTHING does one of the specific tasks in just the exact way I like.  My desktop still runs Mac OS 10.4 for the same reason as they say Appleworks will no longer be supported (and there is this whole thing with Photoshop that I don’t really understand but DH tells me it will affect my old version if I upgrade)

So I very much feel like I am living in the land of lost computers.  I know I will have to bite the bullet and upgrade soon, but the thought of it leaves me in a cold sweat – I know once I do it I am locked in.  I do love the look of Safari 4, although I really hate to give up Camino, so the next few months are either going to be kicking myself wondering what took me so long to upgrade OR day after dy of frustration as I try to do they stuff I do every week and have to add two or three more steps to accomplish the same things.

Hopefully something creative later.  More waiting for Stickles to dry….