Favourite layouts and….

not much else!

Today, it’s all about the cleaning. DS is 17 (I KNOW! I can’t believe it myself!) and in typical teen-boy fashion, has let his room get into such a state. The other night, after putting DD to bed, I popped in to see some magic trick or some video thing he wanted to share, and was flummoxed. I pointed out that the pile of clothes he had shed each night was (and yes, I measured) less than 4 inches from his empty laundry hamper. FOUR INCHES! Even he had the decency to look chagrined when I pointed this put to him. So today, it’s all about the cleaning – for him and for me both. I’ve been putting it off all last week because I knew this week we would all be home and I would get press-ganged into so many things that creative play at my desk was unlikely. I justified day after day of ink and stamps and paint and fabric because I knew it was going to be unlikely I would get any time this week and having a house like a tip for a couple of days seemed a fair tradeoff. Time to pay the piper, as they say. Oh, and DD, in typical teen girl fashion, has declared the burning need for yet ANOTHER doll (once again, “the last one” but at this point I SO do not believe her!)

DH has decided his office has become more of an equipment graveyard that even he can bear so he rented a room in the Church cottage that houses his office and tomorrow, instead of WOYWW it’s all about hauling stuff from his office into a big empty room and sorting cables, testing old computers, scanners, printers, phones, etc and getting rid of as much as possible. Oh yes, and then the cleaning. Seeing a trend here?

Friday and Saturday we rented the room again for DS to have a LAN party – bear with me while I try to explain that one. Apparently he and a small band of mates will all set up their computers in the one room. DH will run an internet cable from his office down the hall (and he has a stonkin’ connection at work, something like 24mb service, while at home, last night, I was getting under 100 Kbps!) and they will spend the better part of 2 days killing zombies, patrolling urban landscapes in a war zone, and possibly playing at being rock stars. Home here to sleep but this end-of-holiday blow out is being much anticipated.

But one last little thing – my sister, who has always liked the idea of scrapbooking but claimed she didn’t have the “creative gene” that she thinks I have, has purchased a Creative Memories digital scrapbooking tool and seems enthused. We have a phone number in the States that we pay a very small fee for that she can call and come thru here to the UK (no idea what it is – DH sorts all the computer and telecom stuff – it may be Vonage, or that might have been an old iteration) but as she has an unlimited long-distance plan she can call me at the drop of a hat. And she does. And 90% of the time it begins “Just a quick scrapbooking question…” and an hour (or two) later we are both saying “OMG! I have to GO!” I love her!

Anyway, she is always asking me about my layouts and the stuff I do on them. As she is so far away and never gets to see the layouts in real life, and I don’t make a habit of automatically sending them to her when I do one, I decided I would do a little YouTube slide show with the layouts and a bit of info about what, and how, I did certain things. If I used Flick or any of those sorts of services I might have done that instead, but honestly, I didn’t really feel like adding another place to put stuff to my already too long list of places. Bone idle, me.

There is really no rhyme nor reason to the collection, some of the things are pretty simple, some I’ve shared here in more detail, but it was quick and easy to do in a format I know so there you go.

I know she does read my blog most days and when I get the inevitable call from her we can have a bit of a chat about then and that will be nice.

Sorry this delved more into personal life than crafting. I will hopefully have time to do more creative playing next week when everyone leaves the house by 8 AM and I am left with the whole day wide open in front of me. Bliss!

Oh, I did have some weird drop outs of titles (both in the flower I added yesterday and in this one. No idea why. Hopefully it’s not too boring.

Off to clean. Ugh!