Embossing with acrylic paint and Cuttlebug folders

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I stumbled on this technique the other day and thought I might use it at some point for a mini-book. I want to get a few more folders – the only ones I have at this point are Cuttlebug ones but I’ve seen some Sizzix ones that look lovely.

Anyway, the video is by Cardinspired – I thought it was very cool, and was surprised it got so few hits. 800+ is a fair few, but some of the videos by well-known scrappers have in the multiple 1000s.

You can see in a few steps what it’s all about, but watch the video – her explanation it good and the samples interesting. I did a few thing with it – first I tried adding the paint to both sides of the folder, so one is more embossed while the other is debossed (def. a different look and I think it depends on what folder you use as to which is “better”) and I did try both the swiping with clear ink and swiping with white ink – both are good, again it depends on the application as to which would be better. BUT I do think that the glossy look is less appealing in certain situations. I think I would experiment with a coat of Mod Podge (I have matt MP) to see how that would look. I did have a look for matt embossing powder, found one place that advertises it, but I think I’ll try to Mod Podge first before going that route. This is the piece just embossed, no embossing powder glaze. I love the look of it without the shine!

and here are the two samples – the lighter one is swiped with white, the darker with clear

I am also interested in trying painting BOTH sides of the cardstock, then BOTH sides of the folder (you’d have to be pretty quick so it doesn’t dry before you can slip it into the folder and emboss!) to get a doublesided page that would work for a minibook very nicely. But that might be a play for another day…..

One thought on “Embossing with acrylic paint and Cuttlebug folders

  1. Thanks for this MaryAnne, I will definitely try this at some point!

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