Worth the effort?

I have been having a play with my embossing folders, looking at new ways to use them. As I had my Pearl-ex out anyway, I had this idea that I wanted to experiment with.

I embossed a little luggage tag with a folder then flipped it over so I was working on the de-bossed side. That is because I don’t have the steadiest hand when it comes to marker work. I rubbed on a little bit of Distress ink in Broken China and let it dry completely – I know from past experience that if the Distress ink is wet the Pearl-ex will def. stick to it and I didn’t want that.

I took a few pigment ink markers that have a very fine writing nib and my trusty Versamarker and started colouring in the vines and leaves, working n small areas and dusting on the Pearl-ex then dusting it off in small sections. The nib of the Versamarker was just a little bit too think for these extra fine lines – so long as the pigment ink pen was still wet, the Pearl-ex clung to it fine, giving it just a tiny bit of shimmer over the ink. I did the same with the little birdies. I rubbed a bit more Distress ink round the edges at the end, which did seem to affect the Pearl-ex but it wasn’t a major now-I-have-to-throw-it-away thing.

The areas where I did use the Versamarker really grabbed the Pearl-ex (and these are duo colours, so green, then a little tilt and you get the yellow. with the pigment ink you just get a slight shimmer when the light catches it.

OK, so was it worth the effort? As a person who would not spend hours with Copic markers colouring in stamped images, perhaps not – I can gaze in awe at some of the work I see, but do it? Nope. I suppose it really only took about 15 – 20 minutes, but I’m just not sure how useful a technique it is. Maybe I will find a perfect use for it on some layout, but I don;t think it will make it into my “Top 10 Techniques” list! Perhaps if I find a Versamarker with a very fine nib I may try again.

Here is a bigger photo of just the tag – would you spend the time for this effect?