I have been trawling thru my stamp drawer looking at stuff that I bought and have not used, thinking of ways to make use of it all. I had a good old play with some of the MM foam stamps and a Banana Frog font (Jeanie Shrimpton – my fave!) and a thin heart border, as well as some Stampology borders.

Looks chaotic, doesn’t it LOL!

I have been playing with stamping the letters in Versamark ink then embossing them then when the embossing is cool overstamping ON the embossing with Staz-on and one of the tiny border stamps. My first try was with Banana Frog letters – I’ve known Bev for ages and her name is short so I used it as a test sample!

Then I thought about the size and the MM foam letters sprang to mind so I refined the technique – ie I stamped on coloured cardstock instead of white so I could leave a bit of a coloured border, and played with other colours and stamps) and did these (destined for a Valentines day card, I think)

But yesterday I found a set of stamps that honestly I had NO IDEA what they were – one, in particular, looked almost like it was only a texture of some kind.  It was unmounted and I was so curious as to what it might be that I mounted and stamped with it.  Turns out it was a Mona Lisa image I had ordered maybe 4 or 5 years ago from Ma Vinci!  The reason it sat in my drawer is that she had a couple of Monas at the time and I ordered one, but got the other – frankly it was just too much trouble to try to sort out an exchange over distance that I just tossed the stamps in my drawer and forgot all about them over time.

But actually, I really like this stamp.  OK, so not something I will use over and over again, but it is cool.  I was inspired by the image and made a fairly simple tag.  Funnily, I wanted a quote so I did what I usually do and typed the key words I wanted in the quote into google – for this my first thought was “sly secret smile” and eyes. I guess I was looking for something poetic, but what came up was this poem, an ode to a walrus! Bizarre.  But I altered it a bit and used it anyway – does that make it NOT a quote?  It was the phrase in my head, more or less, so who can say?

I did like how the open areas of the stamped and embossed image worked so well to add Distress ink.  Not sure what I will do with it, if anything, but it was fun and sometimes, life should just be FUN, shouldn’t it?