Fabric in scrapbooks


I have been playing around with fabric, inspired by a clean up of my room and the discovery of a roll of WonderUnder (Heat and Bond, Fuseable Web or whatever it’s called in the UK – pretty sure mine came over with me from the USA, it’s that old) and by the need for a bird embellishment on a layout and the lack of the right one in my paper stash.

I have a fair amount of fabric from various quilting projects and this one was a scrap from a bit of fabric stash acquired from my MIL, destined for a bag project.

I thought the bird was cute, the colours matched well, and it was the right size.  I didn’t want to worry about it fraying and I wanted to be able to pop it over the layout, so I got a bit creative with stuff I had on hand.

First I ironed on the fuseable web to the back of the fabric and peeled away the backing paper

Next I found some very stiff interfacing material, no idea what it’s called, but it holds its shape very well, and has a cotton-y sort of texture – can you tell what it is from looking at it?  Comment for me!

Ironing the scrap to the stiff interfacing (I know cardstock would work as well, but that is a story for another day!) I then cut around the bird and hey presto! the perfect little embellishment for my page.

The fuseable web keeps the fabric from fraying and the interfacing makes it stiff enough to pop-dot. I look at my fabric in a whole new way now.  And I know that many of the die cut machines will handle fabric, so there are endless possibilities for what you can do.  I’m excited!


5 thoughts on “Fabric in scrapbooks

  1. I love it. I have no idea what the cottony stuff is and I was going to say the other stuff is wundaweb over here but that comes on a tape like roll (the stuff I’ve seen anyway) and doesn’t peel off so am probably wrong.

    Can’t wait to see what you birdy appears on.

  2. Your bird is wonderfull and a great idea. Can’t wait to see what you use it on. xx

  3. Lovely 😀
    I would call it iron in interfacing?? You can buy it in Dunelm Mill 😀
    I used this technique on a mini book page I can’t share yet 😉

    Julie xx

  4. Fabulous idea, and what a gorgeous bag that fabric would make.
    I think the stiff interfacing is ‘pelmet weight’, I used it recently for my reversible bowl.

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