Tag pull – using lace


I’m not entirely sure what this sort of lace is called (if you know, do comment!) but I had a bit of it left over from a layout I made ages ago:

I used the lace both as a border across the page and the lift up flap, and some of the motifs to make the flower.

In my attempt to use up old scrap-stash, I looked at that lace and saw how I could use it to make a cute tag-pull, rather than the usual ribbon, fibers or string.  I really like how it looks and will def. be on the look-out for similar lace in the future.  The only requirement, I think, is a strong motif, in a sort of satin-stitch effect, so when you trim it it doesn’t all unravel.

First, cut out two of the motifs:

Then, apply fabric glue to the centre and as much of the solid areas of both motifs – if there is a clear difference between the right and wrong side of the fabric make sure you apply the glue to the wrong side!

Now simply sandwich the tag with the motifs, leaving a bit to extend over the top of the tag. I use a clothes peg to clamp the motifs together and to make sure there is good adhesion.

Here is another tag with the same motif – this is one from that Vintage mini-book I posted last week.

Super simple but, I think, very effective.

Have fun with it!


5 thoughts on “Tag pull – using lace

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  2. its eitehr Venise or Guipire lace – I can never decide which is which but I love it LOL 😀
    Gorgeous Layout and love the way you have used the lace 😀

    Julie xx

  3. I love lace – this is just gorgeous.

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