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Sometimes, it’s a struggle.

A recent blog post moaned about a layout that I was getting nowhere on.  Well, it’s gone off in a bit of a different directions, and I am happy to say has used a few things bought but languishing in my stash for ages, mixed with some fairly new items.

Just a layout using a few of the MANY photos we have taken at The Vyne, our local “stately home” and a firm favourite for a day out – it’s got lovely grounds, is surrounded by woods with walking trails, has a nice picnic area, is less than 10 minutes away, is free with our NT membership, and is fun in any weather.

I changed from a two-page 8.5 x 11 to a single 12 x 12, lost two photos (which were taken at an angle so I was def. stuggling to make them work with my more usual all-straight style) and managed to use:

  • Making Memories Ornament magnetic stamps ( must be at least 6 years old, and still pristine)
  • Heidi Swapp theme tapes (Traveler, I think, and at least 2 or 3 years old)
  • VersaMagic ink, from a Club Scrap kit, oh, maybe 8 years ago?
  • Courtyard La-di-dah stamps (by KI Memories, bought at least 2 years ago on a trip home to the USA)

I also managed some wodden buttons and wood tags (from a GoGo kit) and some fairly recent papers.

It’s not my best layout ever, although I do rather like it – and I like that although I fought for AGES with it, when I went back into the depths of my stash I found stuff that I liked and that made it work. Gotta love stash!


Was it unrealistic?

I avoided blogging for ages, given that UKS and the Scrapbook Inspirations DT work kept me quite busy. When SI shut down I thought I might actually have the time to maintain a frequently updated blog so decided to give it a go. Well, I feel like I was doing OK till all this snow hit. Between the whole family being home and underfoot (and competing for meager internet resources, what with DH working, DS streaming YouTube magic trick videos and Moodle work for school, and DD playing endless pop videos online) it just got too hard.

Perhaps I’ve put too stringent conditions on blogging – I was determined that the blog would contain a very high crafting/scrapping v personal babble ratio and I think that was the real problem. Whereas on a normal day everyone is out of the house by 7:45 and DD not home till 4 pm I had plenty of time to scrap, blog, do UKS work, clean the house, do the laundry, etc. These past two weeks (and DD has spent only a single day in school since about 17th December!) it’s been all about the shovelling and keeping her amused. Priority work was UKS work and the few times I did manage to play at scrapping it was not productive – I spent two days pushing photos around for one layout then printed others only to be quite disappointed in the resulting attempts at a 2nd layout. Both are sitting on my desk and being ignored while DD and I have been watching The Sleepover Club videos and making bagels and repairing dolls and cleaning. Oh and fighting over the fact her school is FINALLY open tomorrow and she insists she WILL NOT GO, she needs one more day off.

So perhaps this will jumpstart my creativity again and I can finally make something worth posting – wouldn’t that be nice?

and maybe I will have to re-think the “only crafting/scrapping” posts. Not sure which is preferable – a post that isn’t scrappy or no posts at all. It remains to be seen……

Because text only posts are boring, here is an older layout – I actually quite like the crayon resist technique (applied to the white areas on the stamped swirls, then inked over and the waxy crayon rubbed off) and the title COLD just about sums up the last couple of weeks in the UK!


Layout struggles

Well I have been pushing photos and a couple of embellishments around for a couple of days now, between power cuts and shovelling, and am still not happy. It’s very unbalanced and not in an intentional, design-choice sort of way. I may simply “scrap” it {ha ha} except I cut up and used the one sheet of perfect patterned paper I had to cover two 8.5 x 11 backgrounds. Grrr. Maybe re-printing the photos smaller will help……

So, no photo today, and still more shovelling to do, plus planning for how to get DS to his college for exams on Monday, which they say will go on no matter what.

Maybe later in the day I’ll manage something crafty, but right now it seems unlikely.


WOYWW – another snowy day

Feeling a little fed up wit the snow, now, especially when we lose power and have no coal in the house!

After spending hours with DS and DH clearing the very very long and sloping drive I made a layout. As an antidote to all this wintery weather it’s a bit summery, about Jack’s first fishing trip with my cousin. We caught enough for dinner, but he liked just riding in the boat, fast, over the wake and waves, the spray in his face and his life jacket firmly buckled.

I enjoy the little details, those things that don’t always make a huge impact but support the layout in little ways. First, the little frame, backed with some orange mesh origami paper I’ve had for ages and the little beads on the stickpins tied with dotty ribbon

then the littel dots punched from the patterned paper attached over the “holes” in the journaling spot and the staples, coloured brown with a Sharpie, and the ghost bracket edged with the same brown

All in all a satisfactory layout – I only have the one photo (or can only find the one!) but I can get over that – while I prefer multi-photo layouts I do single photo ones when the situation dictates.

Finally, another snowy shot into the back yard this time:


DS, 17!

Today, I am the mother of a 17 year old.


How did THAT happen?  Just for laughs you may enjoy a couple of old layouts:

This is both the oldest layout of DS and the layout of him at his youngest. Wow.  How  my scrapping, has changed!

a much more recent layout – and the last birthday photo that was decent.  after 14 he tended to hide from the camera every day, not just his birthday.

and a repeat from way back in my blog -a photo (sort of) of him within the last 6 months:

Off to shop for the makings of the obligatory gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnut cream sauce (his birthday dinner request for the last 5 years) and maybe make a cake – but maybe sticky toffee pudding, his favourite.

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New from old – A favourite layout using templates

One of my NY resolutions is to use up stash (EVERY year I say that, then get too tempted by all the lovely new stuff that comes out) but also to find NEW ways to use OLD supplies and tools.

This is one of my favourite layouts, using the Crafter’s Workshop templates. A long time ago in the scrapping timeline, templates were massively popular. With the introduction of die cutters like the Sizzix and QuicKuts systems and home cutting machines like the CR and Cricut, they fell out of popularity. Who wanted to trace a shape and hand cut it? Not me! So the templates languished in my drawer. But there have been some new templates released that really allow some fab effects. This layout uses one of them and it is still one of my favourites.

I used one template (Cosmo, I think it’s called) to create the scalloped circle – and the scallops were just the right size for one of the scalloped circle punches (the 2 inch one, I believe) which I punched, then punched the little holes around the edges with a tiny Fiskars hole punch, then ruffled them a bit with my fingers so they looked a bit more dimensional and adhered one each to the back of each scallop. The middle design is using Windsong which I first drew thru with green marker. The green leaves were sponged thru the template on to white card with a mixture of pigment inks (lime-y and olive-y) then cut out, while the pink bits were traced onto patterned paper and cut out. I cut around the drawn image then laid the pink bits (and some of the green bits) on thru the template for perfect placement. The rest of the green bits were just placed as I liked them. The little gems were also placed using the template.

All in all a very simple to do, but I think very effective. I would def. use the scallop circle shape backed with the pinched scalloped circles again as I really like the look of it. THIS is what I mean for 2010 – looking at all the stuff I have bought over the years and finding something new to do with it.

I think I will make a tag for this called New from Old so at the end of the year I can review my success (or lack thereof!) in using old stuff in new ways!