Dinnertime, and technology is on the menu

We are so geeky sometimes. Dinnertime for us is usually early workday in California, so every so often we have dinner while watching a Twitter feed or webcast of the new Apple announcements. I think I may have mentioned in the past the fact that we have a Mac-mini in the kitchen that runs the music collection and it is hooked up to a monitor that is supposed to be mounted on the wall (but hovers on a shelf over the table at the moment) for playing music and displaying online art. DH will often come home with some device or another, plug it in and say “Hey, listen to this!” (most recently, after we had to pull out the oven to have a new one put in, and one glance behind it nearly sent us all screaming from the house, he played me a song called “The Crack Between the Cupboard and the Stove” by songwriter/balladeer Anne MacFie which described the state of it very well.)

While I strongly object to watching TV during dinner, or eating in front of the TV in general, we do it occasionally on the weekends at DDs request and that proved the thin edge of the wedge, so now my right of protest has been squashed.

There was a lot of speculation about the “major product announcement” coming and it was, as expected, the announcement of the iPad.

You can watch a video of the event announcement here.  At about 10″ and 1.5 lbs and with iPhone like touch screen action, Photo app for displaying albums and optional direct import from your camera on the go,   a built-in book reader and HD YouTube, it looks like it might be something for the Christmas list.  Of course, the cost to the UK will be probably nearly double that of the US, and the monthlly charges (which I think I heard were on the order of $30 in the US)  will be staggering.  AND they aren’t even thinking about outside the US till June.

I would  slip this baby into my crop bag – how lovely to take your “albums” (paper or digital pages, in digital format) with you to share and be able to see them a reasonable size all for under 2 lbs.  And view UKScrappers on the go without squinting.  {sigh}

As there is an App store and DH is an iPhone app developer, I imagine we will “have” to get one at some point, and DS is already asking to get his name on the “I want” list.  I love my kids, I do, really, but THIS time I am not willing to be 4th in the family n the list for a bit of new technology! THIS time, I want to be at least second!