Another little video


I pause every time I type “video” because, as those who have seen them know, they really aren’t “videos” – I will get over it eventually, or sort out my camera situation.  Anyway, for those who wanted more info on the envelope book, here is the video for you.  It goes by a bit fast in some places, and some of the subtitles may be hard to read, especially here, but if you click on the YouTube logo it should offer you the option to watch it there, a bit bigger and better quality.

It took a while to get this up due to the fact I have been really ill with some flu-y sort of nonsense and spent about 48 hours mostly sleeping and (more of a problem) for some reason Audio Swap on You Tube was down fir a couple of days.  So although the video was ready on Friday, it was only last night that I was able to add the music. Almost all of the music I use is either from my in-laws various bluegrass band recordings OR from an Audio Swap group called MusicShake.  Lots of people have mentioned that the music is restful or relaxing, which is ideal for a video like this.  Whereas I would be inclined to add some old blues boys or some raucous fiddle tunes or some other copyright protected music if I was picking stuff I like to listen to, using Audio Swap is a good way to ensure you don’t get your video silenced due to copyright. And you can limit the selections to ones that fit the timing of your video, which is handy.

I have done another one of these with a slightly different (I think easier) construction, making use of patterned paper cut to simple standardized sizes that I think turned out kinda cute.  I’ll try to sort that out, photos and video, soonish.  I need to get well and get to Staples to find some envelopes (maybe white, with no self-seal) to play with.  I have to say I  find the combo of cheap office supplies (especially now they have so much in “Kraft” or buff colour) with pretty scrappy paper to be a winning combo.  It def. helps me use up my stash, esp. from kits where I may have only a couple of sheets of paper in a range and need to make it stretch.

3 thoughts on “Another little video

  1. Very cool! Video worked great and it all makes sense. Now I just have to actually buy the envelopes and make it! How long do you think that will take?

  2. Love it! Love those papers too! have just been using them! Another project for my to do list! Thanks Maryanne

  3. Maryanne

    Thanks for that. You make it look so easy. I will get some envelopes and have a go. Hopefully I will manage it

    Thanks once again


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