Will I ever….

… stop making mini-books? I doubt it. I love figuring out a new method for construction. I had bought a pack of C5 envelopes a month or so back, with the idea of making one thing, and instead I made this mini-book.

I keep getting asked by people from the UK who have seen my PBBs where I find paper bags in the UK. I hate to have to tell them that I grab a couple of huge bags of the from Target when I go back to the US for pennies. So I wanted to come up with something that was a bit PBB-like, and this is, in that it makes use of the pockets in the envelopes a bit like you make use of the opening in the bags. But it’s a bit more….precise, I guess, because the bags tend to be crinkled or have bits folded over, and somehow the bags all seem to be all slightly different sizes. The envelopes seem to be very much the same.

I really like the shaped flaps and found it went together pretty easily. I may have to have a play with the BIA cause I think I have an idea of how to punch the holes as I go but I’m just not sure.

I used these:

I’ll probably have a slide show eventually but Audio Swap is down and that s what I tend to use for my “music”