W was OYWW

Missed it again. I was so focused on sorting out my PBB that I completely forgot to add my WOYWW photo. And now that I have cleaned up, it’ll have to be “What were you working on Wednesday” instead.

Hands up if you take a class and, love the project or not, if you don’t finish it in the class (or at the very least at the crop or event) it languishes in your crop bag/room forever? I am still coming across stuff from crops 3 or 4 years ago, but now when I do I try to drag them out and assess “Are they worth completing?” and if so make it a priority.

I took a class with Bev Fletcher of Banana Frog eons ago (honestly I am ashamed at how long ago it was!) and loved the project, made a good start on it, and then got well and truly sidetracked. The project was a mini-book, using the Rouge de Garance papers and I loved the way we made the pages (with rounded corners and flaps on some) and loved the stamps (a font, TEEN) and loved what I was doing with the kit – making a mini book for DD with photos of her various “collections” of toys.  I managed to get quite a few photos after the fact, and worked on the book at a GoGo Getaway a few months later, then it got stuffed in a bag and not looked at again for another 6 months.

Well, I’ve dragged it out and completed a few more pages, and have a few more photos of current favourite things to take, but I am determined to complete it. DD saw it on my desk yesterday and already has had some input for me on what needs to get photographed! But comments from kids on what is OMW (“on my workdesk”) as they walk by is a post for another day LOL!

Anyway, here is a look at the completed pages so far – there are quite a few, but the big book rings mean I can fit a ton more.  I figure it will be a nice memento of toys gone by in later years.