Back to scrapping


A while ago I made a number of paper bag books that were different in layout and construction than the usual ones. A couple have been featured here, some I have done YouTube slide shows for detailing the construction. I’m coming down to the last few and this week I finished off one hat has been sitting in a bag with all the goodies for it for…shamefully long. I bought a very bright and colourful scrapbook kit at Costo in the USA for about $11 – it included loads of paper, stickers, punch out letters, chipboard, tags AND an album. I made the book months ago:

The BIA worked a treat – I think I would always use it on PBBs in the future! – and unlike some of the books this one makes use of the pockets (surely the single BEST reason to make a PBB as opposed to any other sort of mini-book!)

A bit more info on the construction:

And finally a glimpse of it with photos – I’m trying to find the time to do a slide show but it’s always harder once you’ve completed the book – I try to take photos as I go but then I get into a frenzy of crafting and forget LOL!

2 thoughts on “Back to scrapping

  1. Me too, me too! This looks fab!

  2. This is lovely … and using the BIA is a fab idea … I have always been put of making one of these coz I never quite got the whole stitching spine jobby wotsit … get that tutorial up and running … I wanna make one now :0)

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