Was it unrealistic?

I avoided blogging for ages, given that UKS and the Scrapbook Inspirations DT work kept me quite busy. When SI shut down I thought I might actually have the time to maintain a frequently updated blog so decided to give it a go. Well, I feel like I was doing OK till all this snow hit. Between the whole family being home and underfoot (and competing for meager internet resources, what with DH working, DS streaming YouTube magic trick videos and Moodle work for school, and DD playing endless pop videos online) it just got too hard.

Perhaps I’ve put too stringent conditions on blogging – I was determined that the blog would contain a very high crafting/scrapping v personal babble ratio and I think that was the real problem. Whereas on a normal day everyone is out of the house by 7:45 and DD not home till 4 pm I had plenty of time to scrap, blog, do UKS work, clean the house, do the laundry, etc. These past two weeks (and DD has spent only a single day in school since about 17th December!) it’s been all about the shovelling and keeping her amused. Priority work was UKS work and the few times I did manage to play at scrapping it was not productive – I spent two days pushing photos around for one layout then printed others only to be quite disappointed in the resulting attempts at a 2nd layout. Both are sitting on my desk and being ignored while DD and I have been watching The Sleepover Club videos and making bagels and repairing dolls and cleaning. Oh and fighting over the fact her school is FINALLY open tomorrow and she insists she WILL NOT GO, she needs one more day off.

So perhaps this will jumpstart my creativity again and I can finally make something worth posting – wouldn’t that be nice?

and maybe I will have to re-think the “only crafting/scrapping” posts. Not sure which is preferable – a post that isn’t scrappy or no posts at all. It remains to be seen……

Because text only posts are boring, here is an older layout – I actually quite like the crayon resist technique (applied to the white areas on the stamped swirls, then inked over and the waxy crayon rubbed off) and the title COLD just about sums up the last couple of weeks in the UK!