WOYWW – another snowy day

Feeling a little fed up wit the snow, now, especially when we lose power and have no coal in the house!

After spending hours with DS and DH clearing the very very long and sloping drive I made a layout. As an antidote to all this wintery weather it’s a bit summery, about Jack’s first fishing trip with my cousin. We caught enough for dinner, but he liked just riding in the boat, fast, over the wake and waves, the spray in his face and his life jacket firmly buckled.

I enjoy the little details, those things that don’t always make a huge impact but support the layout in little ways. First, the little frame, backed with some orange mesh origami paper I’ve had for ages and the little beads on the stickpins tied with dotty ribbon

then the littel dots punched from the patterned paper attached over the “holes” in the journaling spot and the staples, coloured brown with a Sharpie, and the ghost bracket edged with the same brown

All in all a satisfactory layout – I only have the one photo (or can only find the one!) but I can get over that – while I prefer multi-photo layouts I do single photo ones when the situation dictates.

Finally, another snowy shot into the back yard this time: