DS, 17!


Today, I am the mother of a 17 year old.


How did THAT happen?  Just for laughs you may enjoy a couple of old layouts:

This is both the oldest layout of DS and the layout of him at his youngest. Wow.  How  my scrapping, has changed!

a much more recent layout – and the last birthday photo that was decent.  after 14 he tended to hide from the camera every day, not just his birthday.

and a repeat from way back in my blog -a photo (sort of) of him within the last 6 months:

Off to shop for the makings of the obligatory gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnut cream sauce (his birthday dinner request for the last 5 years) and maybe make a cake – but maybe sticky toffee pudding, his favourite.

7 thoughts on “DS, 17!

  1. How time flies. I feel old knowing I have an 18 year old granddaughter!!! I read your blog entry regarding the loss of your 1st son Mary Anne. I am sorry. It was a very touching story and one I can relate to – but for my grandson. He too had a heart defect – born in October – 1997 weighing a generous amount – 9lbs 6ozs. He lived for 5 and half weeks, contracting whooping cough and dying in hospital on a life support machine. I was there with my daughter – at his birth, at his death and at his funeral. A very traumatic occasion indeed. I feel for you and want you to know that I truly believe that we shall see and hold these precious babies once again one day. TFS. ~Glen~

  2. Happy Birthday Jackson, hope you have a fab day.

    MaryAnne, dinner sounds delicious, you may end up with a hoard of hungry scrappers at your door 🙂

  3. My eldest is hitting 13 this year – doesn’t seem possible. I can’t have a teenager… surely? Mind you she does act like a right Kevin already 😀

    Hope you had a lovely day – his feast sounds delicious!

  4. Make the most of every moment… these teen years disappear at a rate of knots, let me tell you!! I had to laugh… my first LO looks very much like yours!! We all thought it very cool putting each letter on a separate tag back then… LOL

  5. Bless! not sure he is going to be very chuffed with your trip down memory lane though … *LOL*
    Happy Birthday Jackson … I shall be round for my tea shortly :0)

  6. lol I know the feeling, i’m only 40 and mom to one who was 21 on new years day, and one who will be 22 in just over a week! Also gradma to a 6 month old, and mom to a 15yr old and 7yr old!

  7. I’m a mum of a 19 nearly 20 year old and still in my late 30’s !!!
    love the l/o and how youve grown in scrapping terms xxx Think my first L/O was very simular to your first one well a bit back we never had the tools or choices we have now it’s gone a little crazy !!!!
    Happy New Year by the way x sorry about me babbling too 😉

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