Doll DONE!

DH managed to get out today, as he had a meeting in London that was postponed from yesterday but no chance of me getting the kids in the car and out to the store. Our road is still covered and with a layer of ice below the melting snow. Maybe later …

So our Christmas dinner is likely to come on Boxing day and we will eat out of the freezer for now – which means slim pickin’s as I don’t usually have frozen food (well ice cream and ice cubes and a pack of chicken tenders and a pack of hot dogs for emergencies and usually a bag of dumplings after we go to the Chinese market in Reading … oh! and a bag of frozen peas to use as an ice pack for minor injuries LOL!)so I’m hoping DH gets back from London in time to at least pop into a shop in town and grab a few things to round out a meal. Not the Christmas I imagined but hey ho. As long as we can spend it as a family, all together, that’ll do me.

And the good news is the forced isolation meant I DID finish the “last” doll! Here is Mariah (or maybe Mitchie or perhaps Mimi – I think DD is not entirely sure yet!) all done.

Not a brilliant photo, but you get the idea. She does actually have a nose, you just can’t see it very well, and DD was VERY insistent she not have eyebrows or eyelashes (I did put on eyebrows but they are mostly hidden by her hair because she just looked a bit STARTLED without them) and have a “small smile” so my artistic creativity was slightly curtailed by her desires. But I have to keep telling myself it’s HER DOLL not mine.

Now, if I can just keep DD occupied with a Christmas film or two I can get on with sewing all those uniforms! We already had to have a birthday party for Alicia (another doll – DD was very keen on having a Mulan doll but finding one was impossible so I downloaded a Mulan wallpaper, printed it on tee shirt transfer paper and ironed it on to some fabric, then used THAT as the face. The whole thing was of questionable success as I didn’t realize the pattern needed cutting out with an added seam allowance (ALWAYS read the full directions before you start!!) and she has pencil thin arms, lopsided and wonky shoulders, HUGE feet (that was actually part of the pattern, not MY fault) and a giraffe neck with a big bulge at the back of her head when I tried to add a cardboard tube between the head and body to keep the head from flopping over! – bizarrely, she seems to be DDs favourite) yesterday, and I had to take time out to make her a birthday outfit.

Wow. I know I do like my parenthetical inserts but that one was a bit long and multi-nested even for me! Sorry about that. I tend to write as I think, and my head is always so very full of things that I struggle to keep a single train of thought on track. Going back to DSs Thomas the Tank Engine days, my thought process is a bit like those rotating platforms that shift the trains into their sheds for the night.

My train of thought is on a constantly rotating platform and taking trains out, putting them back in, then taking another one out tends to happen even within a sentence.

I’ll spend the day cleaning up the mess on my desk (and floor, and every other available space) and watching for any delivery trucks that manage to make it down the road as we have LOTS of outstanding deliveries expected and I am hoping at least some of them will arrive today. Have a Happy/Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, if you prefer!

Mary Anne