Brushes and holiday resolutions

Oh the holidays are so busy for us all, aren’t they? But every time I start to have a little twinge of guilt that I am ignoring my blog and instead spending time working on last minute gifts (dearest DD sprung on me she fully expected a set of school uniforms for her dolls (eight of them, seven made by me, with varying degrees of technical success but with 100% approval ratings from her) for the mythical “Sunshine Lane school” they all attend while DD is at school, as well as “the new doll” I only just found out is expected) or cuddled up on the sofa with DD watching some old classic like The Secret Garden or Wallace and Gromitt, or seeing DS perform his newest card trick, I end up (quite rightly, I think) pushing it to one side.

But I fairly recently got a copy of the newest PSE for the Mac, and have been playing around with it. It really is quite powerful for the price. I was getting a bit fed up with seeing great brushes out there and not being able to take advantage of them if they didn’t also come as a .PNG file.

One of the places that prompted me to get PSE was Mel’s Brushes. Wow. Mel is from Gloucestershire, here in the UK, and is a graphic designer, art workshop leader and video artist. I love her brushes. Check out the brush index on her old site, as well as her “newer” blog. There are tutorials as well as lots of other links. I thought would first ease my twinges of guilt by sharing, then go back to the sofa with DD. And I resolve to keep those twinges at bay till the new year.

Here is a cute brush set to whet your whistle: