I don’t know about you but all the stress of the holiday season makes me want to revolt and do nothing useful for an hour or two every day. I love the Samorost games, one and two (and I did spend the $5 to get the full version of S2). They are free online flash games and very lovely to look at, with ethereal music (very relaxing) and are fun to play, if your mind works in a certain, twisty sort of way.  For some, I acknowledge they can be mind-blowingly irritating.

The company, Amanita Design, recently released a game called Machinarium, which works along the same lines, very reminiscent of The Neverhood, perhaps my all time favourite game EVER EVER EVER, with fiendishly wicked puzzles, seemingly mindless sequence of events, and sometimes quite specific actions required to make the whole thing work.

This puzzle is early in the game so not so fiendish – you mush construct a bomber man by replacing the duds in the figure with the live TNT on the shelf, light it, and feed it to the creature who comes thru the door … who then, from what I recall, explodes fairly spectacularly. If I could talk DH into getting me a working PC with a 75 MHz processor and Windows 95 I’d be playing THAT! But I find the Amanita games to be a decent substitute.

So there is your Sunday-something-else. Not at all scrapbooking related, but woman does not live by scrapbooking alone….